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Reading Journals – Writing about Reading

Reading journals are central to Inkwell’s approach. They offer regular opportunities for children (and their teachers!) to respond personally to texts they encounter during the year. Teachers find them an invaluable record of reading comprehension achievement.

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Vocabulary Jar

Inkwell lessons actively include challenging language from class texts, providing a real and engaging context for understanding, exploring and applying new vocabulary.

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Story Making

Our plans regularly employ Pie Corbett’s acclaimed technique of learning a story orally to internalise the narrative structure and vocabulary, before progressing onto written innovation and independent application.

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Shared Reading

This is a regular feature of our lessons, enabling teachers to ‘think aloud’ to model the strategies and skills of a proficient reader, including decoding, expression and comprehension. Children are taught the importance of active listening and active reading and are given opportunities to tackle more formal comprehension questions.



Shared Writing

Another effective collaborative technique that allows children to step inside the mind of a writer, experiencing the often messy process of selecting ideas, composing sentences, re-reading and editing.


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Spelling Spotlight

Inkwell plans cover spelling objectives in the context of high quality texts. We recommend daily, discrete phonics / spelling lessons for additional consolidation and practice of GPS objectives.




Building Sentences

This is a kinaesthetic approach to learning the grammatical structure of sentences, by building them using assorted wooden blocks. A brilliant strategy for understanding word groups and helpful for those who struggle to ‘hold onto’ a sentence or who omit punctuation.


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Magpie’s Nest

We encourage children to consider themselves as committed writers; always on the lookout for inspirational ideas and vocabulary they might want to “steal” from another author and use in their own writing.