Inkwell's Song Selection

"Sing Up!" research shows that “children remembered facts much more easily when they had sung them” and that singing supports children’s development of speech, language and communication, appealing to those who are otherwise difficult to engage.


You don’t have to be a diva to use Inkwell’s songs effectively.

  • Easy-to-learn lyrics set to tunes that both you and the children already know
  • Everything you need provided on an accompanying CD
  • Connect key texts with learning objectives
  • Reinforce tricky spelling and grammar concepts
  • Introduce new vocabulary
  • Some songs can even be used as success criteria for writing tasks
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Kate Critchell - Year 2 Teacher from Bincombe Valley Primary School, Weymouth  

"The children enjoy learning the songs. They’re memorable and illustrate a key learning point in an alternative way. Everyone joins in with the catchy tunes and, before you know it, another grammar or spelling rule is learnt! "


Health warning: Inkwell songs are catchy! You may be singing them long after the lesson is over.

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Editor's Song - A song that teaches children how to make a piece of writing that's already good, even better!

To the tune of Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush