How is Inkwell different from other schemes of work?

Planning of this quality is immensely time consuming and requires specialist subject knowledge. Inkwell is different because:

  • we provide complete NC coverage, allowing for progression of skills

  • all learners are exposed to challenging planning from the top

  • our lessons adopt the best methods in educational practice

  • we source the highest quality books and supplementary resources

How do I know if Inkwell is right for me?

There's more than one way of teaching English effectively. Inkwell is not a prescriptive or rigid scheme of work. We respect and encourage teachers' diverse skills and creativity.

Every class is different. You can follow our plans to the letter, or adapt them to suit your needs.

To find out how Inkwell's plans could work for you, contact us and we'll send you a free trial unit.

How many books will my school need to purchase?

That varies. Most of our half-termly units use between 2-4 core texts.

What about Phonics and Spelling?

Inkwell plans do not replace your discrete daily phonics or spelling lessons. In Year 1 all spelling objectives not covered in the phonics phases, will be actively taught in Inkwell plans, so keep teaching phonics as you usually would. Inkwell plans offer regular opportunities for your pupils to apply their wider phonetic knowledge in a range of creative contexts – a fantastic opportunity for assessment. In Year 2 all NC spelling objectives are covered in Inkwell plans, however we strongly recommend additional daily discrete spelling sessions for consolidation and practice.

Are the handwriting objectives covered?

High expectations for handwriting and presentation are reinforced in Inkwell's lesson plans. We know that schools have their own approaches to teaching handwriting, so objectives such as joining letters and understanding handwriting families are not explicitly taught as part of Inkwell. 

How do I purchase the apps recommended in Inkwell planning?

We have sourced some extremely innovative apps that will really enhance your pupils’ learning. Some of these apps are free but a number will need to be purchased by your school or PTA. We recommend you buy enough for 5 or 6 ipads, so that the app can be used by one small group at a time.

How will Inkwell plans benefit pupil premium children?

Teachers using Inkwell will be delivering high quality teaching every day. Everyone benefits from this, but pupil premium children benefit most of all. To find out more, click here.

Are Inkwell plans suitable for mixed-age classes?

Inkwell plans are not designed for mixed-age classes. However some schools are adapting them for their Year 1/Year 2 classes.

When will Year 1, EYFS and KS2 plans be available from Inkwell?

Keep checking the website for updates on these. We will pilot each year group before releasing it commercially. This ensures the Inkwell plans and resources are of the highest quality... just as you like it!