Everyone knows that teachers are under a lot of pressure. Planning excellent lessons with rich and varied resources is massively time consuming. That's why Inkwell's here.

We've designed a rigorous scheme of work that delivers depth and progression, without compromising any of the creativity and fun. Inkwell provides you with comprehensive planning for the whole year from Reception right through to Year 6 and ensures that all your National Curriculum objectives are covered.*

How does Inkwell help busy teachers?

"Teachers' time should be protected and used to make a difference."

Kathryn Greenhalgh, education expert

  • Are your weekends spent trawling the internet for the perfect lesson?

  • Are you fed up with wading through overcrowded planning grids?

Using Inkwell Plans will ease your workload and out-of-hours research time, allowing you to spend your day doing what you do best - TEACH!

Inkwell has a user-friendly layout that can be easily tailored to your class, depending on how much creative input you want. (We've ensured it's already brimming with creativity!) Our planning shows you how to introduce the best literature and contemporary texts, providing your school with a selection of books, supporting films and apps that span the entire academic journey to Year 6.

Inkwell's planning ensures renewed enthusiasm for teaching English - even the grizzly grammar and spelling bits! Our teaching strategies incorporate Talk for Writing techniques, as well as outstanding approaches inspired by educational consultant, Bob Cox. Our program allows you to feel confident that you're covering those demanding National Curriculum objectives, empowering you to 'make a difference'.

How do children benefit from Inkwell Plans?

"With a creative approach, doors can be opened for all pupils with the right level of challenge achieved for all."

Bob Cox, educational consultant

  • Do your young pupils relish classroom creativity?

  • Do they enjoy engaging and practical activities?

  • How about learning through song and play?

Being immersed in the best literature and contemporary texts makes budding authors and literary critics of them all. Unique strategies for teaching the trickier GPS objectives include our unapologetically catchy songs that allow them to learn concepts in a flash. Confidence and motivation soar, thanks to our plans that consider all learners at different stages.

We promote a whole school culture that fosters a love of reading, storytelling, writing, drama and poetry. Classes are given opportunities to share and celebrate their learning across year groups, bringing consistency and cohesion - something everyone can take pride in.

*except handwriting


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